Greetings! I am an Orlando based designer with a passion for creating long lasting, user-friendly experiences on the web and crafting clean and modular HTML and CSS.

With a little over a year and a half under my belt, the challenges I've faced as a new designer certainly haven't been easy, but I have come to love the web industry and I am eager to learn more!

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The Big Three

The work below represents some of my biggest milestones as a web designer.

File Management Example

UCF College of Medicine

Front-end Designer | February 2012 - Present

As the sole designer working on a team of developers creating inward facing applications, my experience with the College of Medicine has been pretty incredible! At my first full time job as a web designer, I learned to be a team player in an Agile software development environment as well as improve my front-end development techniques all while supporting older versions of Internet Explorer.

I introduced the use of HTML5 Boilerplate to facilitate the development of mobile friendly applications and also created a style guide for which all applications adhere to.

Initially brought on as an intern during my last semester at the University of Central Florida, I immediately transitioned to a full time employee right after graduation. I am truly grateful for having a job in my desired field straight out of college!

Digital Groves LLC

Class Project | Design Lead

This project not only represents one of the biggest class projects I contributed to while at the University of Central Florida, but also as a last hoorah to one of my greatest accomplishments in my life so far: graduating from UCF!

In this semester long project, my group and I were tasked with creating a public facing website for Digital Groves LLC, a 3D asset company.

My primary role was to come up with the overall look and feel for the site and present my ideas through low/high fidelity mockups. Like any other client-based project, we had some hardships but we were able to deliver the site on time and to the client's specifications.

Digital Groves Site Example
Working on laterisers site

LateRisers mockup


Personal Project | Founder

LateRisers.com is a lifestyle blog founded in 2007 by a group of friends with the main purpose of sharing their college experiences. Beginning with four contributors from Orlando, Florida, the site has grown to seven contributors telling stories from Jacksonville, San Diego, and Boston.

For me, LateRisers.com is more than just an online diary. It has allowed me to create new and fulfilling relationships while maintaining old ones. Working on the site has also afforded me the opportunity to research and implement digital strategy techniques which has been extremely rewarding!

The site is currently going through a complete overhaul. Leading with a strong digital strategy has been one of our toughest challenges so far. Obtaining new readers while keeping our existing user base in the loop and interested is our main focus at the moment.

Look for the relaunch of LateRisers.com in December 2013!

Want to see more?

Find me and other examples of my work on the sites below!

Personal Branding

Consisting of a logo, business cards from MOO, and a redesigned website.

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Codepen IO

Codepen serves as a place where I can test and practice my front end development techniques.

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Many of my other projects can be viewed on my Behance profile.

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