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It should also be in the range of [−1,1]. 27) Vertex Processing 49 Fig. 19: Computing projection matrix. (a) Normalized coordinate y is computed. (b) The aspect ratio can be defined in terms of fovx and fovy. 50 3D Graphics for Game Programming through the same method used for computing y . However, f ovx is not given. Let us then rewrite x in terms of f ovy and aspect. Recall that aspect denotes the width divided by the height of the view frustum. Fig. 29) For simplicity, let us abbreviate cot f ovy 2 and aspect to D and A, respectively.

Let us use the same view parameters specified in the RHS-based package. Then, the resulting image will be the one at the right of Fig. 21-(b), which is the reflection of the image shown in Fig. 21-(a). A solution to resolve this inconsistency is simple. At the remodeling stage, the z -coordinates of the object and view parameters are negated. It has the effect of reflecting the object and camera with respect to the xy-plane. Fig. 21-(c) shows the z -negated object and view parameters. Then, the correct image is obtained.

Its origin is EYE, and the basis is {u,v,n}. , the view direction is −n. The camera pose is specified in terms of three parameters, EYE, AT, and UP, as shown in Fig. 10. They are called the view parameters. • EYE is the camera position in the world space. • AT is a reference point in the scene at which the camera is pointing. (It is typically somewhere in the middle of the scene. ) • UP is a vector that roughly describes where the top of the camera is pointing. ) The view parameters are used to build the camera space, which is also called view space or eye space.

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