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By Mikhail S. Blinnikov

Comprehensive and authoritative, this article deals an available advent to post-Soviet Eurasia. scholars get a great grounding within the actual, cultural, political, and financial geography of this quickly altering quarter. center thematic chapters concentration totally on Russia but additionally contain appropriate details at the different 14 former Soviet republics. local chapters offer concise discussions of every republic and of Russia's major areas. Student-friendly good points comprise enticing vignettes, overview questions, routines, strategies for extra examining, and net assets. The volume's over 2 hundred unique maps, photos, and different figures also are on hand on-line as PowerPoint slides.


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Coastal St. Petersburg is foggy and cool year-round, and very dark in winter; it is located at the same latitude as Anchorage, Alaska, after all. ╇Extreme Climate Records for Northern Eurasia, North America, and the World Extreme record Northern Eurasia North America (without Greenland) World Coldest temperature ever –71ºC (Oimyakon, Russia) –63ºC (Snag, Yukon) –88ºC (Vostok, Antarctica) Warmest temperature ever +46ºC (Turkmenistan) +57ºC (Death Valley, CA) +58ºC (Al-Â�Aziziya, Libya) Most precipitation in a year 3,682 mm (Mt.

C. In the Middle Ages, settlements in the Almatinka River valley served as stopover points on one of the few branches of the famed Silk Route from the Near East to China. When the Russians came in the 19th century, they seized the opportunity to build a grand, beautiful, modern city in a convenient location near water and well protected by mountains. Clearly, they wanted to establish a permanent Russian presence in Central Asia. In 1854, a small fort was built. In just 5 years, the population grew to 5,000 people; by 1913, it was 40,000.

This water flow cools the surrounding air. Third, there are over 120 fountains in the city, many located in large parks. The parks themselves are everywhere, with beds of roses and other flowers, and beautiful deciduous and coniferous trees. Every city block has lots of additional vegetation, and many homes are built in a way to maximize ventilation in summer and to provide good views of the city. Some new commercial developments are being built underground, both on street corners in the pedestrian underpasses, and in the main downtown area.

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