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Roy. , 186A, 123–164. , 1900. Papers on Mechanical and Physical Subjects, 1870–1880, Collected Works, Volume I, Cambridge University Press. , 1901. Papers on Mechanical and Physical Subjects 1881–1900. Collected Works, Volume II, Cambridge University Press. , 1903. Papers on Mechanical and Physical Subjects – the Sub-Mechanics of the Universe. Collected Works, Volume III, Cambridge University Press. Reynolds, O. , 1897. On the mechanical equivalent of heat, Phil. Trans. Roy. , 190A, 301–422. , 1990.

The letter is a copy-book example of the ‘on-the-one-hand . . yet-on-the-other’ style of review: Reynolds hadn’t made his case – yet, he was an able man and the 1883 paper was sound; moreover the author had paid to have the present paper printed so obviously he thought it was important. However, the reviewer couldn’t confirm that view . . but neither would he assert that it was wrong! Stokes’ concluding sentence seems to imply that he had finished with the matter, but Lord Rayleigh evidently had other ideas.

Your election is in itself a matter of great pleasure and pride for me . . and I have no doubt but every hope that you will amply justify the wisdom of the election. Believe me yours sincerely Osborne Reynolds Thus, Osborne Reynolds remained at Manchester. But what had provoked this desire to leave? Could his wife have applied pressure for them to move to a more attractive urban environment? This seems unlikely given that she had become settled in Manchester and, as a Victorian woman barely in her mid-twenties, would surely have deferred to the wishes of her husband on all things relating to his professional life.

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