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Later versions of 'most' have file decompression capabilities. # May substitute 'more' or 'less', if desired. exit $? # Script returns exit status of pipe. " unnecessary, as the script will, in any case, # return the exit status of the last command executed. compound comparison −a logical and exp1 −a exp2 returns true if both exp1 and exp2 are true. −o logical or exp1 −o exp2 returns true if either exp1 or exp2 are true. These are similar to the Bash comparison operators && and ||, used within double brackets.

Echo exit 0 Exercise. Explain the behavior of Example 7−1, above. if [ condition−true ] then command 1 command 2 ... else # Optional (may be left out if not needed). # Adds default code block executing if original condition tests false. command 3 command 4 ... fi Add a semicolon when 'if' and 'then' are on same line. if [ −x "$filename" ]; then Else if and elif elif Chapter 7. Tests 39 Advanced Bash−Scripting Guide elif is a contraction for else if. The effect is to nest an inner if/then construct within an outer one.

3. Bash Variables Are Untyped 26 Advanced Bash−Scripting Guide echo "b = $b" # BB35, still. let "b += 1" echo "b = $b" echo # BB35 + 1 = # 1 c=BB34 echo "c = $c" d=${c/BB/23} echo "d = $d" let "d += 1" echo "d = $d" # # # # # BB34 Transform into an integer. 2334 2334 + 1 = 2335 # Variables in Bash are essentially untyped. exit 0 Untyped variables are both a blessing and a curse. They permit more flexibility in scripting (enough rope to hang yourself) and make it easier to grind out lines of code.

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