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29. Analog Dialogue, Vol. 3, No. 1, March 1969 (The first issue of Analog Dialogue under the editorial guidance of Dan Sheingold). 30. , May, 1970. 31. "New Modular Op Amps," Analog Dialogue, Vol. 5, No. 2, pp. 12 (Model 43 and 44 op amps) 32. 01% in 300ns," Analog Dialogue, Vol. 6, No. 2, pp. 11 (Model 48 op amp) 33. , June 1972. 34. , August 1972. 35. , May 1973. 42 OP AMP HISTORY SOLID-STATE MODULAR AND HYBRID OP AMPS 36. "Model 50: Wideband, Fast Settling Op Amp," Analog Dialogue, Vol. 7, No.

The 709 quickly became a standard, and was produced for decades. Figure H-15 below is a 709 schematic. 4kΩ Q10 R12 10kΩ R13 75Ω -Vs 709A Figure H-15: The µA709 monolithic IC op amp So universal was the 709 that it can be regarded as an IC op amp classic. Although the individual specifications were surpassed by many subsequent designs, the 709 remains a milestone, as the first widely used monolithic IC op amp. 1 Although the original Fairchild designation was “µA709," the design was broadly second-sourced.

2, pp. 24 (The HOS-050C hybrid op amp, first introduced by Computer Labs in 1977). ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Many helpful comments were received during the preparation of this section, and all are very much appreciated. Particularly useful was information from two GAP/R alumni, Dan Sheingold and Bob Pease. Both offered many details of the early days of working with George Philbrick, and Bob Pease furnished a previously unpublished circuit of the P65 amplifier. Dick Burwen offered detailed information on some of his early ADI designs, and made helpful comments on the development of the narrative.

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