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1 Frontal chest radiographs on two different neonates. (A) Feeding tube coiled in the left mainstem bronchus (arrow) with opacification of the left lung. (B) Carinal perforation by endotracheal tube (ETT) with airleak producing a posterior pneumomediastinum (arrow) and tension right pneumothorax with cardiomediastinal shift to the left. 2 Umbilical arterial (UA) line course and placement. (A) High line (tip T10) is the more common location. Optimal position is T6 to 10, away from major vessel branch orifices.

II. Thorax, pelvis and extremities. Pediatr Radiol 25, 596–606. congenital anomalies, and the acquired diseases. Radiographics 20, 923–38. Vock P, Malanowski D, Tscheappeler H et al. (1987) Computed tomographic lung density in children. Invest Radiol 22, 627. Waitches G, Zawin J, Poznanski A (1994) Sequence and rate of bone marrow conversion in the femora of children as seen on MR imaging: are accepted standards accurate? AJR Am J Roentgenol 162, 1399–1406. Walsh E, Cramer B, Pushpanthan C (1990) Pancreatic echogenicity in premature and newborn infants.

10). The left atrium is often enlarged, which leads to an increased splaying of the carina with an angle of more than 90 between 44 Some VSDs can be closed percutaneously with septal occluder devices. These are limited to muscular VSDs and patch margin VSDs, and limited to a few centers that specialize in this procedure. The majority of VSDs, if deemed hemodynamically significant, require surgical closure.

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