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By Michael J. Hyde, James A. Herrick

Technology, rhetoric, and talking in regards to the post-human future.


technology, rhetoric, and conversing in regards to the post-human future Read more...

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Despite these advances, there are still significant scientific hurdles that must be overcome before further translation from bench to bedside can proceed. As these treatment methodologies continue to evolve, they must follow strict scientific guidelines in order to produce credible, high-quality results that are accurately reproducible. Researchers must create a thorough fund of knowledge by conducting extensive investigations at the basic science level in the areas of cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, biomedical and chemical engineering, and biomaterials science.

Patients with end-stage renal disease suffer significant medical sequelae secondary to loss of the many physiological duties carried out by the kidneys. With complete renal failure, these patients must undergo mechanical dialysis to replace the waste disposal function of the kidneys, and must be closely monitored for electrolyte and acid-base derangements, among many other medical complications. interestingly, though, 100 percent renal functional capacity is not required for survival. With this in mind, creation of a wafer or cartridge consisting of autologously derived renal cells may be a realistic technique employed to prevent a patient from needing dialysis.

Oncogenesis). Long-term follow-up is also likely to be extensive in any study involving the implantation of organs or tissues regenerated ex vivo, to ensure that success or failure can be determined in functional terms. Only long-term follow-up may be able to determine whether the experimental intervention is “working” when it is difficult to know when success or failure should be declared. For example, when, if ever, can a partial regeneration can be deemed successful? The first patient-subjects in early-stage regenerative medicine research will have important roles in defining and refining functionality, and thus helping to define both failure and success.

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