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7 tube support partial egg crate with drill hole plate section CE RSG Anti-vibration bar arrangement No. 6 tube support full egg crate with drill hole plate section Tube AVB 7/8 in. Model F Anti-vibration 11 16 bar arrangement Model 51 Anti-vibration bar arrangement FFG. 8. Typicd recirculating steam generator antivibration bar arrangement. , to row 8. The antivibration bars in later Westinghouse models have a square cross section and are made from Alloy 600 and are chrome plated. The arrangement of antivibration bars in Combustion Engineering steam generators includes vertical, horizontal, and bat wing strips, as shown in Fig.

Fretting and wear makes tubes susceptible to fatigue crack initiation at stresses well below the fatigue limit, resulting in through-cracks or tube rupture. The major stressor in fretting and wear is flow induced vibration. Initiation, stability, and growth characteristics of damage by these mechanisms may be functions of a large number of variables, including the support locations, the stiffness of the supports, the gap size between tube and support, secondary flow velocities and directions, and oxide layer characteristics.

I I ^^ 17mm . ) / / k I ^**«--_ _ . ) Schedule 80] FIG. ) Schedule 60] 12. C. Cook nozzle (USNRC 1980). 27 4. STEAM GENERATOR DEGRADATION MECHANISMS This section discusses the stressors, susceptible sites and failure modes associated with the various steam generator degradation mechanisms. PWR and CANDU recirculating steam generator tube degradation is discussed first, including primary water stress corrosion cracking, outside diameter stress corrosion cracking, fretting, pitting, denting, high-cycle fatigue, and wastage.

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