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By Bernd Jurgen Fischer

"Analyzes the German career of Albania in the course of international conflict II, rectifying a part century of amnesia and mythmaking via Marxist and nationalist histories and lengthening figuring out of the connection among the 3rd Reich and wartime Albania. comprises b&w historic images. Fischer is a professor of historical past at Indiana University-Purdue University." - ebook information, Inc.

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The company also dictated how the money was to be spent. 6 Zog felt that he could take the Italian money and strengthen the Albanian economy to create unity, yet, through subversion, deny the Italians the type of political control they coveted. Zog was not entirely unsuccessful: he received the money, and he kept control of the state. But if this was a victory, it certainly was a Pyrrhic one. First, the money was used unwisely. The roads and bridges constructed from the funds were built primarily for Italian military purposes.

The Italian minister also suggested that the local leaders might become suspicious of Italian hesitation and use the knowledge of their subversive activities to force Zog to change his mode of governing. Finally, Jacomoni argued that a number of exiles were about to be allowed back into Albania, and Italy should move before they could effectively build a patriotic movement of resistance against the Italians. 44 Mussolini agreed with Ciano's assessment concerning the Yugoslavs but would not be hurried into the Albanian project.

22 Ciano's diary tells us that Mussolini immediately agreed about the necessity for a radical solution, and the count noted that the Duce was prepared even to go to war as long as Albania was secured by Italy. Ciano had done well: the specter of Germany frightened the Duce, and the count's theatrics had appealed to him. "23 Mussolini was forced to take Ciano's word concerning Albania's vast mineral wealth, because, true to the general disorganization of fascist Italy, in all the years Italy had been involved in Albania no one had bothered to conduct a proper geological survey.

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