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By Carolly Erickson

Benefiting from fabric unavailable until eventually the autumn of the Soviet Union, this biography of Alexandra, the final tsarina, explores: her youth bereavement; her lengthy fight to achieve her romantic aim of marriage to Nicholas; the discomfort of her pathological shyness; the struggles along with her in-laws; a fake being pregnant; her expanding eccentricities as she turned extra preoccupied with issues of religion; and her turning out to be dependence on a sequence of occult mentors, the main infamous of whom used to be Rasputin.

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One list of questions given to Postnikov was several pages long; one of the questions asked was if the Zirani people were Russians (see paragraph one of this text for the notation on Delisle's map of Russia). Chabin (1983) p. 33. The full citation for this map is 'Carte de Tartarie. Dressee sur les Relations de plusieurs Voyageurs de differentes Nations et sur quelques Observations qui ont ete faites dans ce pals-Ill. Par Guillaume De l'Isle, Premier Geog. du Roy del' Academie Royale des Sciences.

26 I am, of course, grateful to A. V. Postnikov for the fact that he was the first in the USSR to detect a 'rational core' in my very first article on the problem of the structure of the chertezhi described in the Book of the Great Draft. 27 But during the period of 'stagnation' (the years of political, social and economic inertia and decline between the removal of Khrushchev in the fall of 1964 and the advent of Gorbachev in the spring of 1985, especially the Brezhnev years of 1964-82) much was done to stop further development of the thesis of that article.

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