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Montana 1911: A Professor and His Wife Among the Blackfeet: Wilhelmina Maria Uhlenbeck-Melchior's Diary and C.C. Uhlenbeck's Original Blackfoot Texts and a New Series of Blackfoot Texts

In the summertime of 1911, Dutch anthropologist and linguist C. C. Uhlenbeck traveled to Montana to behavior fieldwork one of the southern Piegan Indians. Accompanying him in the course of his three-month remain was once his spouse, Wilhelmina, who stored a diary in their studies one of the Blackfeet. This diary is reproduced the following in complete, translated for the 1st time from Dutch into English by means of Mary Eggermont-Molenaar.

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Drbal believes his invention has been suppressed by razor blade manufacturers who do not want to see their products used ten times as long. This reaction, however, is typical o f some inventors ol strange machines who often believe there are paranoid plots to keep their inventions secret. The lackof pyramid products more likely arises from die fact that they are so easy and simple to quickly build using available materials. A number ol European researchers began to experiment with Drbal's pyramids.

Modern instrumentation should ce able to measure tlie actual torque on each rod as it swings. T o the best o f the author's knowledge, no such measurements have yet been made. Modern instnimentation should also be able to detect any tilting o f die operator 's wrists or odier movements diat may produce rotation ofthe rods. T o the best ofthe author's knowledge, 110 such measurements have been made. " Some investigators will want to design experiments that will offer incontrovertible proof diat diis device actually works.

1 9 4 9 . Normally, Czech 40 Pyramids patents are granted alter an examination period of two to three years, but it took Drbal ten years to get his potent. It was granted on August I 5 , 1 9 5 9 only after he'd proved to theChief Examiner, Engineer Vreeion, that a pyramid did indeed maintain die edge on a razor blade. In the course of this decade-long examination period, Drbal performed some experiments and made some measurements drat will be discussed later. Cardboard pyramids came into use in the Czech army as a way for soldiers to keep their razors sharp.

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