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An illustrated examine of the improvement, building, strategies strive against activities of PT boats, many drawings, diagrams, plans, profiles pictures.

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So J4 31 I I , .. , 1 ...... 9'''. - . ' 'Ileo ·1100 'I~ 1500 " - I 14 /2 o . - Cross secliOiI of Packard 4M-2500 Iype W-/4 marine engine. Courtesy of PT Boal museum. , . l4 Chaos showing Ihe aC/IIal pelformal1ce dara of Ihe Packard J200 H I~ V-12 gasoline marine engines. 1/3 ourtesy of Elco. ' • , ItA. ~r~"" VII \ , /4 " r/l"c. , I I -/000·//04 '" . c I 21 -. : , .... .. u .. 1 '~ I /4 , . , , , .. " 2. I , , , I ,~ \ " ~ I , \ , . , 17 gear driven, centrifugal 24 volt, electric (2950)3 inches / I 1 fresh water 6-3/8" x 6-112" I 19 100 Octane gasoline .

Counesy of Roben Ferrell. Officers' head. Counesy of Roben Ferrell. Officers' state room. Counesy of Roben Ferrell. 98 99 American PT Boats in World War II Chapter 12: Anatomy of PT Boat Auxiliary compass in chari room. Courtesy of Robert Ferrell. Engine room looking Jonvard. Electrical panel at left oj laelder Courtesy of Robert Ferrell. JOO Engine room pOri aft showing exhaust stacks. Courtesy of Robert Ferrell. JOJ American PT Boats in World War Il Chapter 12: Anatomy of PT Boat Starbowr! engine general vie IV.

Courtesy of the Warner Research Center. Archives. U. l<>e. ,. , La. ,. 11 'If«rf'JUI TIfr'. ~ ~. AA1Cl'O -_ ~NcRoo'" FlIClouMo Drawing ofcompartmentation of £Ico 80footel: Forepeak showillg sea anchol: Courtesy Robert Ferrell. 5" Rocketlallllcher alld 37ml1l gllll are mOllllted at the bow ofa Higgills boat. The laller were the sallIe type ofgUll used in the Bell Airacobra (P-39) aircraft. Courtesy PT Boat Museum. Close-lip view of 37 111m shells used on board late model PT boats. ) and the pointed projector denotes high explosive (HE).

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