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By Sir Leslie Fowden (auth.), Gert Lubec, Gerald A. Rosenthal (eds.)

The research of amino acids is of primary curiosity to scientists from many different fields. This curiosity derives from their function because the easy materials of proteins as well as their skill to function development blocks for the construction of many periods of secondary metabolites. they could help the biosynthesis of a myriad of traditional items together with non-protein amino acids, cyanogenic glycosides, pharmacologically lively alkaloids, convinced phenols, purines and pyrimidines, nucleic acids. condensed tannins, lignins and different metabolites.
The contributions contained during this paintings originate from the 1st overseas Congress in Amino Acid study. This choice of papers will entice researchers within the fields of biochemistry, vascular and phone biology, body structure, pharmacology, endocrinology and medical drugs.

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41: 771-779. Smith EM, Swiss OF, Neustadt BR, Oold EH, Sommer JA, Brown AD, Chiu PJS, Moran R, Sybertz EJ and Baum T (1988) J. Med. Chern. 31: 875-885. Krapcho J, Turk C, Cushman DW, Powell JR, DeForrest JM, Spitzmiller ER, Karanewsky OS, Duggan M, Rovnyak 0, Schwartz J, Natarajan S, Godfrey JD, Ryono DE, Neubeck R, Atwal KS and Petrillo Jr. EW (1988)]. Med. Chern. 31: 1148-1160. Tsuru D, Yoshimoto T, Koriyama N and Furukawa S (1988) J. Biochem. 104: 580-586. Ohta T, Hosoi A, Kimura T and Nozoe S (1987) Chemistry Lett.

Because of the ring strain of these heterocyclic bases, a considerable reactivity to ring opening reactions was expected. g. acyl chlorides [4,5] yields 1-aza-allyl cations as reactive intermediates via cleavage of the N-C bond. The hydrolysis of 3-(dimethylamino)-2,2-dimethyl-2H-azirine (la) with aqueous potassium hydrogen phosphate leads to aminoisobutyric-acid dimethylamide (AibNMe2) via cleavage of the C=N bond [6]. In this reaction, the 3-amino-2H-azirine 1 can be considered as amino-acid building block.

It is present in the seeds of 13 out of 49 species of Lathyrus [6] and in the seedlings of 14 out of 56 species. Although the toxicity of DABA is not high (LDso 69 mg/loo g body weight) the concentration in seeds of L. sylvestris is such that a single meal of the seeds can be lethal to rats [8]. DABA is metabolically derived from homo serine [13]. 3-N-oxalyl-2,3-diaminopropionic acid (ODAP) is the major toxin of L. sativus and the cause of human lathyrism [14]. It is present in all Lathyrus species linked to lathyrism [15].

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