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Since 1965 an important part of the research programmes of the European Institute for Transuranium Elements has been devoted to the study of these two elements situated in the middle of the actinide series and characterized by the localization of 5f electrons. 35 N. M. Edelstein et al. ), Americium and Curium Chemistry and Technology, 35-42. © 1985 by D. Reidel Publishing Company. MULLER Three periods, in part overlapping, can be distinguished corresponding to the following research areas: isolation and purification of americium and curium, preparation of americium and curium metals of high purity and investigation of bonding related properties (structural, thermodynamic, magnetic, electrical, electronic) of the elements.

Of New Mexico) 33 AMERICIUM, ITS EARLY HISTORY AND GRAM-SCALE SEPARATION 15. E. A, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory Report LA-1975, 1956. 16. A. , e~~£~fY! nt:! ~Qnf~ Qn Z, 355. 17. , LaMar, L. E. , 1957, ~, 327. 18. E. , 1957, ~, 286. 19. A. b~ B~giQ£b~mi~t~y Qf em~~i£iYm ~ng ~Y~iYm," National Academy of Science-NS3006, 1960. 20. H. §, 185. 21. S. Z, 138. 22. B. , 1961, ~~, 2200. ~~ em~~~ ~b~m~ §Q£~, 23. A. 8, 39. 24. B. , 134. , ~b~m~ ~ng 1962, 1, 25. T. , 1963, ~, 58. 26. , Benz, R. and Douglass, R.

If such a Sf rare earth series were actually following Ac - but the apparent analogy with the lanthanides was not really going to be apparent until Am and Cm then these new undiscovered elements should have chemical properties similar to Eu and Gd rather than D, Np, and Pu. Even though we have had the opportunity to look in the back of the book and see the answer, the assumptions that led Seaborg to his new formulation of the periodic table look bold even today, and it is rare indeed that anyone has such penetrating insights on the basis of only the scanty evidence that was available at the time.

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