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By Mark J. Wetzel (auth.), Piet F. M. Verdonschot, Hongzhe Wang, Adrian Pinder, Rebi Nijboer (eds.)

This quantity includes chosen papers from the ninth Symposium on Aquatic Oligochaeta, 6–10 October 2003, Wageningen, The Netherlands. 18 contributions take care of the biology of aquatic oligochaetes, and represents a mix of the fields of taxonomy, anatomy, morphology and body structure, lifestyles historical past, ecology, sludge reports and toxicology. This broad scope is according to the new developments in oligochaete learn, with a different curiosity in sludge studies.

Research groups from France, Japan, usa, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany, Hungary and China current the newest advancements on annelid stories and likewise replicate a balanced mix of geographical parts, in addition to organic topics.

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E. Dst- and Pxm-cells) resulting from the division of NOPQ cells were labeled with lipophilic dye DiI and fixed for observation after 2-day culture. (a) N pattern with a single cell bandlet extending from a single teloblast (arrowhead). (b) OPQ pattern with three bandlets associated with three teloblasts (arrowheads). (c) A pattern other than N or OPQ. Two teloblast-like cells (arrowheads) are recognizable, but the number of bandlets is uncertain. Scale bar, 20 lm (a–c). resulting Dst-cells (7/8 cases) exhibited the division pattern of an OPQ cell (Fig.

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