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0 (60) hold, th, electric field comoonents ere ulven by EO c/ Jo/a(r) C( (61) GEP/Pi/l75-13 fhe values from Lqs (61) and (62) may then be used with Eqs (S) to find the electric field at the tarnet. and (53) In order to integrate Eqs (42) and (43) and (62), or to co-ipute Eqs (61) the terms JC, Jc, and o(T) are needed as functiors of time T These are given by and distance r. 2 R/V 0 c = eq(r) V. sin 0 cos 0 (24) "2 f(T) dT" T f J0 = - eg(r) V0 sin 6 W R/V 0 0 (25) " f(T) d-V 0 e =;- a(T) 2 (30) ns(r) where 9r Ec 4,r 2 - exp -"S 0-cos A e X(r) - Fexr, "- B S r -A cosA.

6. it could be concluded that 1 Kt gamma yield would occur somewhere between 60 Km and 200 Km and for a burst heiqht wouI4 be less than Purpose Is An essentially a = 2 (10)8 identical and S = 3 fields vs yield in (46) with a Kt oaryia yield, (10)8. Is shown in See Fig. Fig. the lcma the CHEMP code for this (10)" 8 and 8 - 2(10)8. pulse can be achieved with Eq (4,) 3 on page 19. 1 the 100) Kn. A test was also run to determine output pulse. the (ifP/1'1I/75-13 This more rapid fall off more rapidly.

The times given here are the average times used in com- puting the results given -bove and are based on a computer code run on a CDC 6600 computer. 1 shake using 50 steps in the numerical integration. Increasing either the parameter of 50 steps or 5 shakes by any factor increased the computation time by the same factor. The presence of a precursor burst had no noticeable effect on computation tine. 2 sec for a 5 shake calculation. An interesting observation related to the numerical integration Is that as Eqs (61) and (62) become valid, the numerical integration could 37 GP/ P11/75-13 00 1-00 '-0.

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