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Begotten or Made?

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Thanks to its high level of reliability, the pill created the possibility of separating sexuality from reproduction. This has had far-reaching consequences for sexual behavior and morals. The pill contributed to the liberation of homosexuals and it played a large role in the sexual revolution, because it enabled people to experiment "unpunished" with their sexuality from an early age, with all of the consequences this has had for marriage. The introduction of the pill was also accompanied by a shift in society's perception of reproduction.

Of course it is important that there be such analyses, and the point of such analyses is that they provide tools that can be used to do certain types of work. But what Dewey offers us is something more than simply tools in a toolbox: he offers us a logic of living inquiry. He offers us a new vocabulary for dealing with the problem of justification. By treating propositions that support a belief not as true or false, but as adequate or inadequate, effective or ineffective, relevant or irrelevant to an end-in-view, the pragmatist is shielded from the charge of infinite regress.

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