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By Boschke F.L.

Content material: Tacke, R. and Wannagat, U. Syntheses and homes of bioactive organo-silicon compunds. -- Voronkow, M. G. organic task of silatianes

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Three radioactive metabolites, (hydroxymethyl)dimethylphenylsilane (88), p-trimethylsilylphenol (89), and an unknown conjugate of 90, could be isolated and characterized (cf. Scheme 9). Metabolism o f 87b leads to silanol 91 (90% in the urine within 36 h). _CH3 rat CH3 rabbit fiR3 \)-'Si-H 87b ~H3 CH 3 CH 3 31% 89 ~Y--C-OH + C-H 50% rat ~ CH3 CH3 17% 90 H2o-@ ~ ~t 87a (/ CIH3 88 86b C--H @ = glucuronide @ = unknown conjugate ~90% 86a Si-CH @ ~""~ ~- ~k CIH3 )/~---Si--OH 91 ~90% cooH + C-H 25% -- 1/2 H2% 1/2 35% 25% ~ ~ CH3 I ~ |13 ~]~'--Si-O-S i - - ~ 92 Scheme 9.

G. c~-,~and 7-effect). Additional effects are possible in the case of aromatic substituents R [(p ~ d)~ interactions of the silicon containing systems]. Rl R2 R1 R2 ~C f R3 j ~ R 4 ~Si j R3 j ~ R 4 63a 63b R = aryl and/or alkyl (substituted or not substituted by functional groups) Differences in physical, chemical and stereochemical properties can be manifested in different bioactivities, if these parameters influence absorption, distribution, mechanism of the molecular action, biotransformation reaction and excretion.

C No activity was noted at sublethal levels. 27 R. Tacke and U. ) CH3I CO0--CzH 5 LiAIH4 I CH3-~-CH2-CH2-CH 3 I CI-13-V-CHz-CH2-CHs CH2-OH CO0-C zHs CI~ CI/C=O CH2-O-COCI I CH3-CI-CH~-CH2-CHa CHz-O-CO-NH 2 NH3 I CH3-~-CH2-CH2-CH3 CH2--O-COCI CH3 I CH3-Si-C1 I 66a CH2-O-CO-NH 2 CH~CI C12/UV I -~ CH3-Si-CI n-C3HTMgBr I CH3 CH2C1 I CHs-~i--CHz-CH:-CH3 CH2C1 CH2C1 HOAc/KOAc - - i CH2-OH I CH3--~i-CH2-CH2-CH 3 LiA1H4 ~ H~-OAc CH3-~i-CH2-CH2-CH 3 CH2-OH CH~-OAc CoHsOCOCI lICsHsN CH2-O-COO-C6H5 [ CH3--~i-CH2-CH~-CH3 CHz-O-COO-C6Hs NH 3 ~H2-O-CO-NH2 ~ CH3-Si--CH2-CH:-CH 3 66b CH2-O-CO-NH2 Scheme 4.

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