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By F. Pietra

This, the latest contribution to the Tetrahedron natural Chemistry sequence, presents an built-in assessment of the variety of usual items on the subject of biodiversity. the continued exploitation of organic assets, whereas protecting a good equilibrium in the world, relies a lot at the conservation of biodiversity. To this finish, components one and concentrate on biodiversity from all viewpoints, whereas explaining the hyperlink with typical items. The 3rd part concentrates at the molecular-shape point, as a hyperlink to surroundings and biodiversity, whereas the fourth part tackles genuine functionalization, as a hyperlink to biodiversity at species point. half 5 addresses the diversification of those assets from biotechnology and chemical expertise, whereas the ultimate half is anxious with conserving common product variety on the earth.

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From PNG: Klein 1999). Maeroearboeyelie: longithorone A: (Aplidium longithorax Monniot, 1987, Aplousobranchia, Ascid. from Palau: Fu 1997 and GBR: Davis 1999B). MACROLIDES 0 O o 0 0 amphidinolide A Dinofl. 31) . ~O~ __ amphidinolideK Dlnofl. ,-'L'-~) amphidinolide 0 (S=-25, V amPhidinolide C Dinofi. O ~ ~ - 3 8 . ~ ~/~ ~/amphidin- I T E Dinofl. =. ~=-38S/H=-037) amphidindide N Dinofl. arnphidindide J Dinofl. 25) ~ ""1 I T. =nofl. 37) . ~ . . / ~ ~ , . ~=:::0/~ ~-n;_~'" " Cy " R- >,~ ~ryoz. 28) R Dinofl.

From Caribbean: Wahlberg 1992A); sandresolides (Pseudopterogorgia elisabetae (Bayer), Gorgonacea, Cnid. from Caribbean: Rodriguez 1999A). : dysidiolide-like: (Dysidea etheria de Laubenfels, Dysideidae from Caribbean: Gunasekera 1996A). Steroid: 9,11-secogorgostanes: (Pseudopterogorgia americana from Caribbean: Musmar 1983); secodinosterols: (Pseudopterogorgia americana, Gorgonacea, Cnid. from Caribbean: Miller 1995). i ochtodane / REARR. CEMBRANE DITERP. / RP. e Rhodoph. 2) e~thrane Cnid. pseudopterane Cnid.

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