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By Farhat Moazam

This can be an ethnographic examine of reside, similar kidney donation in Pakistan, in keeping with Farhat Moazam’s participant-observer examine carried out at a public health facility. Her narrative is either a “thick” description of renal transplant instances and the cultural, moral, and relatives conflicts that accompany them, and an item lesson in comparative bioethics.

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In a process familiar to teaching hospitals anywhere in the world, the residents 24 Bioethics and Organ Transplantation in a Muslim Society presented the “medical” facts of two prospective donors—name, age, medical history, results of investigations done—followed by projection of their IVPs (intravenous pyelograms), renal angiograms, and renal scans on the viewing screen. One prospective donor was a father and the other a mother, and the transplants were to take place within the next two weeks.

Moazam (or their preferred “doctor sahib”). I was always addressed with the formal Urdu word aap (the equivalent of vous in French) rather than the more familiar tum (like the French tu). It was clear that I was to be respected as an older, senior individual within a hierarchical system (familiar to me, having grown up and then worked in Pakistan), and treated with the deference accorded to physicians in the country. It was only Dr. Ahmed (whom I had known for several years) and I who addressed each other by our ¤rst names without the pre¤x of doctor or the suf¤x of sahib.

It is socio-cultural, as I said. How can a father whose son is dying say you can take his kidneys— he thinks mohalley waley kiya kahein gey [what will the neighbors say], what will so and so say, what will the other brothers and sisters say. Sometimes people have said that you can take the kidneys. When we get there, all of a sudden, a daughter will get hysterical. Because until and unless they are educated, and this is where the physicians who come in contact with them are important. They are the ones who matter.

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