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By Barbara J. King

(24 lectures, 30 minutes/lecture)
Course No. 1573
Taught by means of Barbara J. King
The university of William and Mary
Ph.D., collage of Oklahoma
Course Lecture Titles
1. what's organic Anthropology?
2. How Evolution Works
3. the controversy Over Evolution
4. subject Arising-New Species
5. Prosimians, Monkeys, and Apes
6. Monkey and Ape Social habit
7. The brain of the nice Ape
8. versions for Human Ancestors?
9. Introducing the Hominids
10. Lucy and corporate
11. Stones and Bones
12. Out of Africa
13. Who have been the Neandertals?
14. Did searching Make Us Human?
15. The Prehistory of Gender
16. glossy Human Anatomy and behaviour
17. at the Origins of Homo sapiens
18. Language
19. Do Human Races Exist?
20. sleek Human edition
21. physique fats, nutrition, and weight problems
22. The physique and brain Evolving
23. Tyranny of the Gene?
24. Evolution and Our destiny

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5, figs. 6-11. M aterial. A single specimen, poo rly preserved in siltstone as an external m ould with part of an internal m ould. D escription. A lthough the specimen is distorted, the whorl section appears to have been ellipsoidal. Shell is midvolute, umbilical slope is gentle, and the umbilical shoulder is rounded. The venter is distinctly carinate. O rnam en t consists of irregularly spaced, falcoid ribs o f variable relief (possibly due to preservation) that arise above the umbilical shoulder, gain their full relief at m idflank, gently flex adorally, then fade below the ventrolateral shoulder.

Occurrence. The Spatsizi specimen of M etaderoceras? sp. was collected from sediments interbedded in the Cold Fish volcanics near Nation Peak, at locality 94, and is associated with A canthopleuroceras sp. aff. A . stahli. Rem arks. Shells evolute, whorl section compressedrectangular. Umbilical wall low to m oderate, convex, steep; um b ilical s h o u ld e r r o u n d e d . Fla n k s flat to slightly convex. Ventral shoulder abruptly rounded; venter low, slightly convex. O rnam ent consists o f dense ribs, which arise on the umbilical wall where they trend rursiradiately, then form a slightly flexuous pattern across the flanks to elongate ventrolateral tubercles, beyond which they fade rapidly on the venter.

8, figs. 2, 4, 5, non figs. 1, 12, 19. cf. 1934 A r ie tic e r a s r u th e n e n s e ( R e y n e s) v a r. m eneghiniana M onestier, p. 59, PI. 8, figs. 39, 40, n on fig. 38; non PI. 11, fig. 2. non 1964a A rieticera s a ff. A . ru th en en se (Reynes). F r e b o l d , p . 14, P I . 4, f i g s . ) 71968 Fuciniceras cf. F. acutidorsatum Kovacs. Imlay, p. 41, PI. 7, figs. 22 and 24 only, cf. 1977 A r i e t i c e r a s r u t h e n e n s e ( R e y n e s ) . Wiedenmayer, p. 85, PI. 16, fig. 17; PI.

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