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By C. H. And Pugh, G. J. F. Editors Dickinson

Sm 4to, 1974, PP.245-775, seventy five,

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1968). With reference to these studies it is 286 M. GOODFELLOW AND T. f 1972). The same fungal species recovered from adjacent shaded sites using Warcup plate techniques appeared to be inactive and could not be isolated using screened substrate immersion tubes. It now seems likely that thermophilic actinomycetes can grow in litter and surface layers of soil in temperate regions as long as the sites are exposed to sunlight; this view V. Dilution plate counts of Thermoactinomyces vulgaris in soil litter and mud samples collected in Wharfedale, Yorkshire and the English Lake District TABLE Sample Surface peat beneath Calluna vulgaris Soil from upland sheep pasture on limestone Soil from upland sheep pasture on millstone grit Pteridium aquilinum litter Soil beneath Pteridium aquilinum litter Pinus sylvestris litter Soil beneath Pinus sylvestris litter Organic mud taken from margin of small, alkaline, eutrophic lake Equisetumfluviatilelitter from margin of lake Devoke water lake muda Thirlmere lake muda Fixed sand dunes with Festuca, Plantago, Galium, Viola Sand dune pasture with dominant Festuca a T.

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