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Recrystallizationis generally achieved by annealing the substrates under an inert gas and at elevated temperature. Regardless of the degree of recrystallization that may be possible, it is unlikely that large area “single crystal” films comparable in quality to an epitaxial deposit can be prepared on amorphous or polycrystalline substrates. , 1962; Semiletov, 1956; Shiojiri and Suito, 1964; Suito and Shiojiri, 1963; Holt, 1966). Consequently electron diffraction patterns of these films all contain satellite spots.

In theory the transport rates should increase Gith increasing total pressure. Adding additional amounts of halogen in the form of NH4Cl or I, increases the transport rate, but also increases the Te vapor pressure resulting in the formation of liquid Te. The formation of liquid Te limits the transport and growth rates for these systems. To avoid the formation of liquid Te the Te partial pressure must be lower than the saturated Te pressure in equilibrium with liquid Te. Hydrogen has successfully been introduced into these systems along with the halogen compounds to reduce Te partial pressures and increase the transport rate.

In the sublimation of CdTe on single crystal substrates, triangular pyramids form on the flat { 111) Cd planes (Fig. 16a), while on the opposite (111) planes less frequent growth hillocks occur (Fig. The difference in the growth properties between these two surfaces results in an anisotropy in the growth pattern on a surface having only one axis of symmetry. On the { 110) surface the pattern is convex to a (100) direction and flat to the opposite (100) direction (Teramoto and Inoue, 1963; Akutagawa and Zanio, 1971).

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