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'67: The Maple Leafs, Their Sensational Victory, and the End of an Empire

In 1967 the Toronto Maple Leafs received the Stanley Cup in a gorgeous defeat of the amazing Montreal Canadiens. No different Leafs workforce has been in a position to do it back. because the years go, the legend grows. the boys who have been the Leafs in 1967—a scrappy crew of getting older gamers and unsung youngsters—were the kings of the hockey universe.

Old Way North: Following the Oberholtzer-Magee Expedition

Within the spring of 1912, Ojibwe consultant Billy Magee got a letter from destiny conservationist Ernest Oberholtzer asking Magee to accompany him on a trip. quickly after, the 2 headed into the Canadian Barren Lands of higher Manitoba for a five-month canoe journey that will make them unmapped territory and attempt either their patience and their friendship.

Candid Eyes: Essays on Canadian Documentaries

Starting in 1922, whilst Robert Flaherty filmed 'Nanook of the North' in Canada's Arctic, and inspired by means of John Grierson and the government in 1939 once they created the nationwide movie Board of Canada (NFB), documentaries have ruled Canada's movie creation and, greater than the other shape, were an important to the formation of Canada's cinematic identification.

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The other unforgotten element is that the division of Canada from the United States tore asunder what ought to have been, Construction of Canadian myths of identity 25 according to European, American and even British15 expectations, a single race-nation of Anglo America. The border with the United States proved as vexing a problem as Quebec because many Canadians tended to accept the logic of racial unity, if not the political conclusions that such logic portended. ) Readings of a physical and demographic lay of the land reinforces the suspicion that the international border defies a natural unity between Canada and the United States, and made (and makes) the union of Canada look like an impossible feat.

Maps showed Canada as a future addition,44 symbolically correcting the political failure of America’s continental destiny. ’”46 The fact of America’s self-imagining still haunts Canadian self-production, and it posed an inextricable problem: if Canada were to imagine itself in terms of America, it would mean accepting the limitlessness of America. The alternative was that Canada define itself against both the ‘content’ of the American nation, and its radical formulation. Confederation was not only justified as a necessary manoeuvre to defend the provinces against a militarily mobilized United States47 (and to resist its egalitarianism), Canada’s raison d’être would be increasingly National identity and the conflict at OKA 30 defined in terms of not being the States as much or more than being defined as independent from Britain.

96 In a 1904 letter Goldwin Smith sounded an alarm about the various forms of “crossing,” including miscegenation: The populations are mixed. Hardly anything remains to separate them but the political and fiscal line. There are 1,200,000 Canadians in the States, and Americans are pouring into our North-West…. Churches and Societies of all kinds join hands across the line. Intermarriage is frequent…American capital is being largely invested here…. 97 [My italics] Assisting nature was the northward flow of southern cultural and news materials that also seemed to underscore the artificiality of the boundary.

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