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S. Without boring you with too many technical details, your iPhone typically connects using one or more of the following protocols: ✓ GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) models ✓ 3G/UMTS: 3G is the third generation protocol standard that uses the UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) cellular frequency. This protocol is faster than EDGE, but consumes more battery power. Try using Safari or Mail with 3G on and off to note any connection speed differences. If 3G is on but unavailable, iPhone defaults to EDGE.

The button on top with the plus sign increases volume; the lower button with the minus sign lowers volume. When you are engaged in a call or using an app that has volume, be it music, a video, or a game, these buttons control the volume of the thing you are listening to, watching, or playing. When iPhone is awake, but not otherwise engaged in a noisy activity, these buttons control the volume of both the ringer and alerts, unless you’ve turned that feature off within the sound settings, as we explain in Book I, Chapter 4.

Wi-Fi: Connects to available Wi-Fi networks. Looking at Your iPhone from Every Angle 11 ✓ Cellular antenna: Connects you to EDGE, GPRS, UMTS, HSUPA, or 3G networks. We explain the different types of cellular networks in Book I, Chapter 2. ✓ Magnetic-field sensor: Positions the Compass. ✓ Proximity sensor: Turns the touchscreen off when you hold the phone close to your ear, so you don’t accidentally tap the mute button while you’re in the middle of a conversation. As soon as you move iPhone a few 16ths of an inch from your head, the screen is activated.

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