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By Naomi Nagy

Faetar is a Francoprovençal dialect spoken in villages in Apulia (Faeto and Celle di San Vito), in southern Italy. Faetar got here to be spoken in those villages because of a migration from southeastern France (département of Ain) round the 14th century. An unwritten language, it has integrated facets of Apulian Italian dialects in the course of its six hundred years of touch. it's a doubly endangered language: Francoprovençal has been nearly exterminated in France by means of agressive language making plans; and it really is spoken through fewer than 800 humans in Apulia because of a mass exodus from rural components. It survives in emigrant wallet in Italy, Switzerland, the united states of america, and Canada. Faetar phonology resembles that of neighboring dialects, yet is extraordinary through the phonemic presence of schwa and a technique of variable deletion of post-tonic segments and syllables. It differs from Francoprovençal in having phonemic geminates word-medially and phonetic geminates at be aware barriers. The morphology is identical to southern French dialects, with post-verbal negation, little contract marking, and compulsory topic pronouns. it's designated in that double topic pronouns are often current and reduplication is used for emphasis. Like either French and Italian, Faetar is SVO and left-branching.

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