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By Edmund D. Pellegrino, J. Langan, John Collins Harvey

CATHOLIC views AND modern clinical MORALS A Catholic point of view on clinical morals antedates the present international­ broad curiosity in clinical and biomedical ethics by means of many centuries[5]. Discussions in regards to the ethical prestige of the fetus, abortion, birth control, and sterilization are available within the writings of the Fathers and medical professionals of the Church. Teachings on numerous features of scientific morals have been scattered during the penitential books of the early medieval church and later in additional formal treatises while ethical theology turned recog­ nized as a unique self-discipline. nonetheless later, scientific morality was once incorpor­ ated into the numerous pastoral works on medication. eventually, within the modern interval, works that strictly concentrate on scientific ethics are produced by means of Catholic ethical theologians who've specific pursuits in concerns scientific. furthermore, this lengthy culture of training has been placed into perform within the clinical ethical directives governing the operation of hospitals lower than Catholic sponsorship. Catholic hospitals have been monitored by way of Ethics Committees lengthy prior to such committees have been advised via the recent Jersey court docket within the Karen Ann Quinlan case or through the President's fee in 1983 ([8, 9]). Underlying the Catholic ethical culture was once using the casuistic process, which because the seventeenth and 18th centuries used to be hired through Catholic moralists to check and get to the bottom of concrete scientific moral dilem­ mas. The heritage of casuistry is of renewed curiosity at the present time while the case approach has develop into so familiar within the present revival of curiosity in clinical ethics[ll].

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I can think of no one better able to match these abilities in Catholic circles than Fr. Wallace. But he wisely cautions: "And the person who embarks on this enterprise must be prepared to be contradicted at every turn along the way" ([11], p. 25). This is, indeed, the case in any interdisciplinary and systematic effort like his. Insight and courage are required to embark on this task. Fr. Wallace's project displays both. His insight is that a via media can be constructed between pluralism and relativism on the one hand and genetic determinism of sociobiology (as articulated by Edmund Wilson) on the other.

They are completely "psychic," that is to say, they are not body-soul powers, but are uniquely powers of the human soul, the highest type of substantial form (SF h ). We have again modeled this form as an organizing field, energizing not only intellect and will but all the lower powers as well. This is the soul that Catholic teaching maintains is directly created by God, as will be seen shortly when we discuss the problems of creation and human generation. These, then, are the main types of stable natures in the world of nature, each respectively signalled by the presence within it of an inorganic form (SF i ), a plant form (SFp ), an animal form (SFa ), or a human form (SFh) - the last three also known as a plant soul, an animal soul, and a human soul respectively.

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