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By Satinder Ahuja (Eds.)

content material: Chiral separations : an summary / Satinder Ahuja --
Analytical standards for chiral high-pressure liquid chromatography / Thomas D. Doyle --
Commercially on hand brush-type chiral selectors for the direct solution of enantiomers / S.R. Perrin and W.H. Pirkle --
Chiral separations utilizing local and functionalized cyclodextrin-bonded desk bound levels in high-pressure liquid chromatography / Randy A. Menges and Daniel W. Armstrong --
Chromatographic optical answer on polysaccharide carbamate levels / Yoshio Okamoto, Yuriko Kaida, Ryo Aburatani, and Koichi Hatada --
Protein column-based chiral reversed-phase liquid chromatography / S.G. Allenmark --
Optimization of chiral separations on silica-bonded [alpha]1-acid glycoprotein through cellular section ingredients / E. Arvidsson, S.O. Jansson, and G. Schill --
Chiral reputation on biopolymer-based high-pressure liquid chromatographic chiral desk bound levels : a case for a number of interplay websites / Irving W. Wainer, Terence A.G. Noctor, Enrico Domenici, and Philippe Jadaud --
Chiral separations and modes of organization of hydrogen-bonding molecules / E. Gil-Av --
Liquid chromatographic separation of enantiomers through hydrogen-bond organization / Akira Dobashi, Yasuo Dobashi, and Shoji Hara --
High-pressure liquid chromatographic solution of optical isomers / effect of cellular and [pi]-donor chiral desk bound stages / Subhash C. Dhanesar --
Direct stereochemical high-pressure liquid chromatographic separation of aminoglutethimide and its significant metabolite : its purposes to organic fluids / Hassan Y. Aboul-Enein and M. Rafiqul Islam --
Amino acid racemization : a device for relationship? / Veronika R. Meyer.

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Albumin-silica columns were scaled up to study albumin usefulness f o r preparative purposes. 1 g albumin per g s i l i c a were e a s i l y made. Because of the high molecular weight of the c h i r a l component and the l i m i t e d number of binding s i t e s of each molecule, the capacity of the column, an important f a c t o r , was investigated. Leaching of albumin from the column l i m i t s the use f o r preparative separations, and the contaminat i o n of albumin i n compounds i s o l a t e d from c o l l e c t e d fractions was studied as a function of amount of organic modifier i n the mobile phase.

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