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By Paul Shipton, Derek Strange

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I've got a -. J7 I don't live in a city or a town. & g? Lbtenond chont. fl Nine,ten. Goodbye, myfriend! It's time to go. This is the end! One,two,three,f our. NowI'm runningto the door. Ftve,six, seven,eight. Summertime is reolly greatl € ffiwM 'G@d *** 6r€st 2 Unit 12 Lesson ry ScvleuD B Answerobout gou. A Write the words. 1 Co ng o u p lo g o m u sicol in str u m e n t? t,t 2 Ho w m o n g b e d r o o m so re there in g o u r h o u se /flo t? 3 Co ng o u d ive ? ',i:;4 lsth e r eo m u se u min Uourtow n?

Shorp short big short shorp long strong 1 T h e gh o d jo ws. 2 T h e gh o d 3 T h e gh o d clo ws. 4 T h e gh o d o to il. 5 T h e gh o d le g s. 6 T h e gh o d 7 T h e gh o d o orms. neck. ,'i'-:eobout picturesA ond B. ilt hod It was 3 Unit 11 Lesson2 53 5 | Reodond write the sentences. *: 2 6 | Drow Uourown dinosourond write obout it. r #{]'f:l s ;E{9g{| 4 j't My Star turn ,6 ac ;:i il! ljil Dinos ou r : lli ii; fli i*; llt 1ii * K ,t, 54 w U nit 11 Lesson 3 1*ilrrstlch ond write. 1 T he mom m o t h ' st u s k s.

3 W h o t t i me i s i t? 4 We've got Moths. 5 Whot's the motter? 6 It's eleven o'clock. tr tr T tr T T 2 | Write the onswers. Wh q t t ime is it ? 2 I t l0:0 0 ft's ten o'ctock. usic -l,storg S"crence ), E. Thenwrite sentences. Wednesdog T h u r sd o g Unit 7 Lesson2 35 : 1 3 on d wr ite the nomes. &l TuesdaY F ThursdaY :iday \ Liz 9l - -: @@ DAY LESSON MondaY ThursdaY @ FridaY On Fridogwe've got Art. Cn W edne s d o w g e ' v eg o t M o t hs. C n M ondo gw e ' v eg o t E n g l i s h. Cn Tuesdogwe've got Historg.

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