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Montana 1911: A Professor and His Wife Among the Blackfeet: Wilhelmina Maria Uhlenbeck-Melchior's Diary and C.C. Uhlenbeck's Original Blackfoot Texts and a New Series of Blackfoot Texts

In the summertime of 1911, Dutch anthropologist and linguist C. C. Uhlenbeck traveled to Montana to behavior fieldwork one of the southern Piegan Indians. Accompanying him in the course of his three-month remain used to be his spouse, Wilhelmina, who stored a diary in their reports one of the Blackfeet. This diary is reproduced the following in complete, translated for the 1st time from Dutch into English through Mary Eggermont-Molenaar.

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Evan unbuttoned his shirt. Geneva began working on her clothes although her eyes stayed on him. His chest gleamed in the light. She let her blue shirt drop to the floor and unfastened her bra absently. Just as she unbuttoned her jeans, Evan stepped forward. His hands slipped around her waist. His hips pressed into hers. His lips closed over hers. He sucked the full lower lip between his. His tongue stroked over the curve. Prickles of sensation flowed from her lips and down her body. She moaned, curling an arm around his neck and her mouth opened beneath his.

She tensed and tried to rise. His hands held her still. Leaning down, she kissed him because she couldn’t resist. She wanted to touch him any way she could, even though her body was burning with need. “I have to move,” she whispered against his lips. She sucked on the full lower curve. ” He laughed softly, but it sounded strained. “Remember who you’re talking to here. ” His hands on her hips controlled her movements. She couldn’t move as fast as she wanted. The slow controlled strokes were pushing her to the brink, but she couldn’t go over the edge.

If you met the person held accountable. Any kind of remarkable case,” Evan said. ” A woman came into the room and smiled. She introduced herself as Danielle. Her black hair was short and slightly curly. Evan nodded and looked down at the computer. ” Danielle smiled and her long lashes fluttered. He accessed the first of the files on the computer. The report seemed straightforward and not that important. A young wizard had been using his magic in public. He probably wouldn’t have drawn the Protectorate’s interest if he hadn’t injured someone doing it.

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