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The default value is NIL which means that Lisp objects will still be localized but probably not as optimally as they could be. defstruct structures defined with the (:pure t) option are moved into read-only storage, further reducing GC cost. List and vector slots of pure structures are also moved into read-only storage. CHAPTER 2. ) If nil is supplied, then environment compaction is inhibited. 14 Pathnames In Common Lisp quite a few aspects of pathname semantics are left to the implementation. 1 Unix Pathnames Unix pathnames are always parsed with a unix-host object as the host and nil as the device.

The block start location will never be later in the the program’s flow of control than the true location. ) Function calls do not end basic blocks. • The head of a loop will be the start of a block. • The programming language concept of “block structure” and the Common Lisp block special form are totally unrelated to the compiler’s basic block. 6 Compiler Policy Control The compilation policy specified by optimize declarations affects the behavior seen in the debugger. The debug quality directly affects the debugger by controlling the amount of debugger information dumped.

The following options are defined: :condition form, :condition-after form, :condition-all form If :condition is specified, then trace does nothing unless form evaluates to true at the time of the call. :condition-after is similar, but suppresses the initial printout, and is tested when the function returns. :condition-all tries both before and after. :wherein names If specified, names is a function name or list of names. e. ) Anonymous functions have string names like ”DEFUN FOO”. :break form, :break-after form, :break-all form If specified, and form evaluates to true, then the debugger is invoked at the start of the function, at the end of the function, or both, according to the respective option.

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