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By Richard W. Slatta

Historians of the yankee west, probably encouraged through NAFTA and web conversation, are increasing their highbrow horizons throughout borders north and south. This selection of essays features as a how-to advisor to comparative frontier study within the American. Frontiers professional Richard W. Slatta provides subject matters, options, and strategies that may intrigue social-science execs and western-history buffs alike as he explores the frontiers of North and South the US from Spanish colonial days into the 20 th century.The regularly well known cowboy is joined by way of the attention-grabbing gaucho, llanero, vaquero, and charro as Slatta compares their paintings concepts, roundups, songs, tack, lingo, equestrian tradition, and vices. We stopover at saloons and pulper?as in addition to plains pampas, and Slatta expertly compares garments, climate, terrain, diets, alcoholic drinks, card video games ,and army strategies. From fundamental files we find out how Europeans, local americans, and African american citizens develop into the ranch fingers, cowmen, and buckaroos of the Americas, and why their dependence at the ranch farm animals stored them bachelors and landless peons.

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But ultimately, the frontier savage, whether Indian or mestizo, must yield to the press of civilization. 61 In Brazilian mythology, the sertão or frontier is a place of racial and social democracy. João Capistrano de Abreu (1853-1927) is one of the first Brazilians to take up the frontier theme. His nationalism and "New Worldism" invite comparison with Turner. Inspired by the writings of de Abreu, Cassiano Ricardo, Freyre, da Cunha, and other Brazilians came to believe that the miscegenation characteristic of the nation gave rise to more democratic race relations.

4. S55 1997 970dc2197-1759 CIP Text design by Cathy Carney Imboden. Text set in Berkeley Oldstyle Medium. The paper in this book meets the guidelines for permanence and durability of the Committee on Production Guidelines for Book Longevity of the Council on library Resources, Inc. Copyright ©1997 by the University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, Publishing Division of the University. All rights reserved. A.  Solberg Caswell, 1914-1994 Page vii CONTENTS List of Illustrations ix Preface xi Acknowledgments xv Part One: Topics Chapter 1.

The requirements of ranch work and the desire to escape military conscription forced gauchos to live nomadic lives. 47 Observers have often found frontiers to be violent places. For example, cowboys and the expanding livestock industry came into conflict with Indians throughout the Americas. Page 23 Argentina's lengthy confrontation with various Indian groups of the pampas extended from the sixteenth century to nearly the end of the nineteenth. Only a massive military mobilization and superior technology applied by Julio A.

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