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19. 3. For the most important application binaries to upgrade se the following table. txt FPGA-A configuration file FPGA-B configuration file Text content for errors Text content for help To upgrade each file, drag and drop the file icon from the source window to the destination directory. The next picture shows how to transfer files with ftp with Konqueror, a browser included in most of the revision of KDE. 5-4 NOTE: If ftp is not working with the graphic interface of your PC (ex Winows XP), you can try to use it in DOS: useful commands are: help open binary cd ls/dir pwd put get close quit commands help connect command ex: open IP_ADDRESS (user:consilium password:selesmar) Set to use binary transfer (this is the type used for the upgrade) To change directory.

12. Pre STC adjustment. 75 NM. Amplitude and slope are adjusted via the “+” and “-“ buttons. Usually this adjustment optimize the minimum visible distance and it can affect the auto-tuning performance. 13. Performance Monitor Adjustment. The range scale is set to 24 NM, the performance monitor activated. Set the transceiver at maximum tuning with A-Tune or the manual progress bar Tune. Use arrows buttons to adjust the distance as indicated in the figure. “Open” and “Distance” labels are the actual value of the digital potentiometers.

3. USB Storage Menu Insert your USB flash disk in the Sirius USB socket and press the USB Storage push button in the Radar Setup Menu, the USB flash disk will be mounted in /mnt/usb and the REMOVABLE USB STORAGE Menu will appear as shown by the following picture. NOTE: In case of malfunctioning on this menu could be written “No module found”, this means that for some reason the kernel didn't see the USB flash disk, try to restart the system with it already inserted in the socket. To be able to store and get files using the REMOVABLE USB STORAGE Menu, your USB flash disk must be formatted with the Selux directory tree.

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