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Any fuel that is known to have failed should be treated in a suitable way to reduce storage facility contamination and to enable compliance with the applicable transport requirements when it is subsequently shipped off the site. Any fuel that is suspected to have failed should be treated as failed fuel until a thorough check shows that it is intact. 16. Before the rack locations in the storage facility receive unloaded fuel, they should be examined if it is suspected that there could be damage which could affect the integrity of the fuel.

The transport vehicle should be checked for compliance with transport requirements in respect of levels of external contamination and radiation levels before dispatch from the site. 5. Any cask that has previously been used should initially be assumed to contain radioactive substances and its contamination and radiation levels should be checked upon arrival at the site. If the levels of contamination and radiation exceed specified values, an investigation should be made to discover the cause and to determine the corrective actions to be taken.

Precautions should also be taken to prevent items from entering the reactor core. Dummy or test fuel assemblies should be clearly distinguishable, even when in the core. Procedures, including documented procedures, should be followed to ensure that all unnecessary material has been removed from the reactor vessel before it is closed. For guidance on the first fuel loading, see Ref. [8]. 6. Requirements and procedures should be in place to test the fuel transfer machine and any other tool or system that may be necessary before the 22 commencement of fuel loading.

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