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This is the standard colour model used for computer display hardware. It is the way that the display hardware generates the colours displayed. However, it is well known that this is not the way people perceptually see colour. The three colour axes associated with the way people perceive colour are: Hue - what most people call colour, Value - the gray level component of the colour, and Chroma - the intensity of the colour. In this scientific conceptualization the gray level provides the central vertical axis as shown in Fig.

Fig. 1. The central embodiment represents the famous Eiger Northface in Switzerland, based on a data model generated at the Institute for Cartography, Dresden University of Technology, Germany The question is, in what sense a visualization is “true 3D”, how does pre-knowledge and training effect the interpretation and how far can abstraction go when producing a 3D visualization. Finally one may ask, to which degree the needed effort to produce a 3D visualization is worth the How true is true-3D?

As an example we show the 3D reconstruction of a painting of the Russian constructivist Jacov Chernikov, see (Lordick 2003). Lars Nestler: 3D reconstruction Fig. 8. Architectural photogrammetric 3D reconstruction of a scene depicted by Jacov Chernikov (1933) (at right); courtesy (Lordick 2005) A similar statement can be used even for objects in higher dimensional spaces. As an example we take Laszlo Vörös’ images of special “Zonotopes” Oc in 3D space, see Fig. 9 and (Vörös 2008). This objects are the orthogonal or skew projections of a hyper-cube O of a multidimensional space mapped into a 3D space.

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