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By James Axler

Rising from a gateway with partners in tow, Ryan Cawdor is compelled to make an unsettling choice in regard to the red-haired Krysty Wroth, who harbors a private wish for revenge.

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He threw it back at the young man. " It was as though he'd been asked to solve the riddle of the sphinx. " The blank face cleared a little. "Titus of Redoubt Guard. " "No. Yeah. Yeah, I guess that's what I meant. " "Seems we don't know the answer to that one, outlander. Tell us. " Both foreheads wrinkled, and both men raised hands to stroke their chins. The idea of someone making their way into the redoubt through the front door was a thought too far. " both men said together. "Sure. Man called Trader told me, years ago.

In fact, schools of any kind were few and far between. " Ryan nodded. His legs felt like wet string, and his throat was still crushed and painful. But he figured that this was likely to be about as good as he'd feel for a while. "Sure," he said. " Everyone drew their blasters, lining up behind Ryan, trying to avoid the small heap of festering liquid corruption that had once been Melmoth Cornelius. "Triple red, people. " He eased open the door of the gateway chamber. THE ANTEROOM NEXT to the gateway was totally empty no furniture, nothing tacked to the plain white walls.

The skin across the honed cheekbones was so taut it was already splitting, opening up like tiny lips, showing the whiteness of bone beneath. The lips had peeled back from the slightly pointed teeth, cracking at the corners. The gums were receding, and several of the teeth were visibly loose in their sockets. The vampire's fingers were curling into claws, the strong nails tearing deep gashes in the skin of the palms that wept a colorless ichor. "Stinks," the boy said, pinching his fingers over his nose.

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