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By Jari-Pascal Curty, Michel Declercq, Catherine Dehollain, Norbert Joehl

Radio Frequency identity (RFID) is an automated id strategy, counting on storing and remotely retrieving facts utilizing units referred to as RFID tags or transponders. An RFID tag is an item that may be connected to or included right into a product, animal, or individual for the aim of id utilizing radio waves. Chip-based RFID tags include silicon chips and antennas. lively tags require an inner energy resource, whereas passive tags don't.

Design and Optimization of UHF RFID Systems considers the research, layout and optimization of UHF passive RFID platforms for long-range functions. there are numerous key points completely defined within the textual content:

  • Wireless strength transmission
  • Tag-to-reader backscattering communication
  • Reader and tag architectures and IC design.

Wireless strength transmission is studied utilizing a rectifier (a basic tag building-block) for which there was a confirmed prediction version built. Proposed is a theoretical research of attainable backscattering modulations, in addition to an experimental method to degree how the impedance modulation on the tag part, impacts the sign on the reader. eventually, a whole tag layout attaining a learn variety of 12 m at 2.45 GHz (4 W EIRP) is equipped. on the time of writing, the result of this layout outperform the other to be had IC tag.

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Before going further in the analysis, certain practical constraints cannot be neglected. In the first place, the diodes used to realize the rectifier have a low threshold voltage Vu but always greater than zero. This translates to an input resistance that cannot be lowered to zero. It can approach zero for high input amplitudes but not for low power devices. In this work, this resistance is on the order of 1 ki? (see chapter 3). As a result, the available power from the antenna cannot be completely absorbed unless a lossy matching network is used.

At high frequency, the equivalent capacitor seen at the input of the rectifier reduces the input voltage amplitude. This has in turn an unfavorable impact on the output voltage. It is also the reason that we cannot cascade too many rectifying stages. Every device appears in parallel at the input where we must sum up their capacitances (see Fig. 6). If the input impedance drops too low, the voltage swing on each diode is too small to charge up the capacitors thus leading to an efficiency drop. Our approach to calculate the equivalent capacitor is to compute the mean capacitance over one period of signal using the steady-state voltage solution and the measured C-V curves CoiVb].

Conversely, when the switch is open, the available power from the antenna is ideally completely absorbed by the load R[ if power matching occurs. e. 6 ASK series-parallel case Oi AAA-»Ofnpi—, "n" Auin II tRl Vs('\y r • 55 [^\ Rs L "1" Fig. 7. Schematic for the series-parallel ASK modulation analysis. 1+Q 'u-m = v^a. - and R^ and Qin = u)R'C" ^^ ^^^ input series quality factor. The input voltage in the reflective state ("1") is simply 0 due to the short-circuit. Power matching occurs when a = 1.

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