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By Ricardo Augusto da Luz Reis; Jochen Jess

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The base-collector capacitance is partitioned between C JC and CJEP based on the relative geometries of the intrinsic (under the emitter) and extrinsic portions of the base-collector junction. From forward output data at low Vbe bias and reverse output data at low Vbc bias the output conductances normalized by current, gfo ⁄ I c and g ro ⁄ I e, are calculated, and then the solution of gives the VBIC Early voltages (McAndrew 1996). In equation (44) q bef (V f f be , PE , ME) and q bcf(V bc , P C , MC) the normalized base-emitter and basecollector depletion charges for the forward bias case, respectively, qber(V rbe , PE , ME) and qbcr(V rbc , PC , MC) are these charges for the reverse bias case, cbcf = ,qbcf / , V fbc and cber = ,qber / , V rbe.

1987) A compact physical large-signal model for highspeed bipolar transistors at high current densities-Part I: one-dimensional model. IEEE Trans. ED, 34, 1741-51. Turgeon, L. J. and Mathews, J. R. (1980) A bipolar transistor model of quasisaturation for use in computer-aided design (CAD). Proc. IEEE IEDM, 394-7. Vogelsong, R. S. and Brzezinski, C. (1989) Simulation of thermal effects in electrical systems. Proc. IEEE APEC, 353-6. Weil, P. B. and McNamee, L. P. (1978) Simulation of excess phase in bipolar transistors.

Many of the simple procedures that have been proposed for BJT resistance calculation are based on oversimplifications of the model, and do not give realistic values. Optimization is used to refine the initial values, again preferably using DC and AC data. The quasisaturation parameters are likewise obtained by optimization to output curves that show significant quasi-saturation effects. Other parameters. such as knee currents and Early voltages, should also be refined in this optimization. The avalanche model parameters are optimized to fit the output conductance of data that is affected by avalanche.

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