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By John Catsoulis

Good, it isn't a e-book for skilled engineers. however it is a smart booklet for the programmers within the embedded process team.
the writer brief introduce the fundamental of electronics, energy, and SPI bus, I2C bus, UART serial port before everything. regrettably, he talks too little of IrDA, USB, CAN bus in the course of this e-book. even though the ICs he used is seldom look in Taiwan, and also you can't determine a embedded procedure after analyzing it. besides, it's very beneficial for the programmer to understand the company of the engineers. i feel the programmers should still obtained one.
i like the latter of this e-book. the writer in brief introduce (Microchip) PIC, (ATMEL) AVR, (Motorolla) 68HC11, (Dallas) MAXQ, (Motorola) DSP6800/68000 CPU from bankruptcy 14 to 19.
most crucial is that he truly clarify what the "memory administration unit (MMU)" precisely be performed within the digital point and scheme. so much software program programmer study the MMU from Linux kernel -system name, and feature no concept of what it really works within the digital scheme/ICs. the writer exhibit you these items fairly frankly.
it really is nice!

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Vectored interrupts reduce considerably the time it takes the processor to determine the source of the interrupt. If an interrupt request can be generated from more than one source, it is therefore necessary to assign priorities (levels) to the different interrupts. This can be done in either hardware or software, depending on the particular application. In this scheme, the processor has numerous interrupt lines, with each interrupt corresponding to a given interrupt vector. So, for example, when an interrupt of priority 7 occurs (interrupt lines corresponding to "7" are asserted), the processor loads vector 7 into its program counter and starts executing the service routine specific to interrupt 7.

The instructions of a Freescale Semiconductor 68HC11 series processor (Chapter 16) can be from one to three bytes in length. The first byte is always an opcode and may be followed by one or two bytes of data. For example, consider the following assembly-language program: Machine code Assembly Comment CE 10 02 LDX #$1002 ; load index register X with 0x1002 5F CLRB ; clear accumulator B 86 41 LDAA #$41 ; load accumulator A with 0x41. Note the length of each instruction. The first instruction takes three bytes, the second takes only one, and the third is two bytes in length.

It can be replaced with the already present xor. Further, many processors are able to clear a memory location directly by writing a zero to it. That same function can be implemented by clearing a register and then storing that register to the memory location. The instruction to load a register with a literal number can be replaced with the instruction for clearing a register, followed by an add instruction with the literal number as its operand. Thus, six instructions (xor, clear reg, clear memory, load literal , store, and add) can be replaced with just three (xor, store, and add).

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