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By George V. Chilingar, Karl H. Wolf

Diagenesis is a hugely built, interdisciplinary box of analysis. it's reciprocal in that it borrows from quite a few medical or technological specialities after which, in flip, repays them with priceless effects. Too frequently, even though, the knowledge won and ideas built stay unintegrated rather than being applied quick by way of numerous comparable earth-science fraternities. This quantity, the 1st of a multi-volume paintings, makes an attempt to assemble such info, thereby helping the person and the examine staff in maintaining with the knowledge explosion. there isn't any result in sight to diagenetic examine due to its large useful and highbrow appeals. as a result, periodic reports, corresponding to awarded during this quantity, are vastly wanted.

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1960. Altersbestimmung nach der K -Ar-Methode. Geol. , 49(1): 224-237. , 1965. Modern methods for measurement of geologic time. Miner. Inf. , 18(1): 9 - 16. B. L. (Editors), 1980. Concepts and Models of Dolomitization. Econ. Paleontol. , Spec. , 28: 320 pp. H. WOLF and G . V . CHILINGARIAN Part I - General aspects of ore diagenesis I I Dedicated to the Australian geologists who have made many contributions to the geology of their continent as well as to the world in general. ” K . H . ” Samuel Johnson (1709- 1784) GENERAL COMMENTS Diagenesis is today a mature petrological and geochemical discipline concerned with a multitude of theoretical and applied problems encountered in the study of rocks which range in age from the Precambrian to the Recent.

The “Law” states, that the environmental factor for which an organic group, biochemical and/or physicochemical process - system -product has the narrowest range of tolerance acts as the limiting factor (or environmental setting) regardless of the fact that the other associated mzmbers of the system can withstand a wider range of the factors. In applying the “minimum range”, all available data has to be compared and contrasted. (82) What are the most “meaningfull” parameters - variables - factors of any specific diagenetic system, in contrast to those that are less significant, in characterizing that system?

Many data, by necessity, come from investigations of specific problems, and inasmuch as these have been preferentially or selectively isolated out of context from their complex surroundings in order to simplify the study, the resulting information is, of course, simple also and certainly does not convey intricate holistic interrelationships with other variables and environments. , concentrations; and (4) research on volcanic - pyroclastic and sedimentary - exhalative 31 deposits. All of these data appear to remain restricted to their fields of endeavour, and little cross-fertilization occurs.

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