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By Z. Sobecka, W. Choiński, P. Majorek

Dictionary of Chemistry and Chemical expertise offers nearly 12,000 terminologies in which those phrases and their corresponding equivalents were checked in literature in all the six languages, together with English, Spanish, German, French, Polish, and Russian. every one individually numbered English time period during this booklet refers to a special inspiration as decided from the prevailing literature of the topic. The entries during this e-book are prepared in alphabetical order of the English phrases and are numbered consecutively. This e-book offers in addition an index of English synonyms for chemical substances, to which the reader may still refer in case a sought after time period can't be present in the most textual content.
This ebook is a useful source for chemists. Readers of international literature looking the precise corresponding similar of a systematic expression also will locate this e-book super important.

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Aldehyd-Abscheide­ kolonne / c o l u m n a f de de aldehido 369 aldimine Aldimid n aldimina 370 aldohexose Aldohexose f aldohexosa f 371 aldol CH 3 CH(OH)CH 2 CHO Aldol n , / ? cy e^KMìi mëjioK m , KaycTMHecKMii ujëjioK m 398 traitement m par lessive alcaline obróbka / lugiem o6pa6oTKa / mëjionbio 399 m é t a u x mpl a l c a l i n s m e t a l e mpl a l k a l i c z n e , l i t o w c e mpl mejioHHMe MeTajuiM mpl 400 alcalimétrie / alkalimetria f ajiKajiMMeTpMH f 4Θ1 alcalin alkaliczny mejIOHHOM 402 accumulateur m alcalin akumulator m zasadowy mejioHHoÄ aKKyaiyjiHTop m 403 bain m ka^piel / mejioHHaH BaHHa / 404 m e t a l e mpl z i e m a l k a l i c z n y c h , b e r y l o w c e mpl m ë j I 0 H H 0 3 e M e j I b H b i e ΜβΤβΛ- 405 a l c a l i n o - t e r r e u x mpl z i e m i e fpl a l k a l i c z n e mejioHHMe 3eMjiM fpl 40& préparation / de pâte à la soude roztwarzanie alkaliczna.

Fuels) equip­ (fuels) halide Olefine p i n f alcoholato npl n alquilo / n alquenos m alquidicas mpl m / alquilación /, acción / de alquilar alquilo hidrógeno-sulfato m de al­ quilo, bisulfato m de al­ quilo n halogenuro m de alquilmagnesio alquilicas alquilico acido m alquilsulfónico acido m alquilsulfurico Allantoin n alantoina f aliene CH2 · C '. , z o s t a w i c d o o d s t a n i a sie. 7ΐοTa f 523 amino-aldéhyde m aminobenzènesul- aminobenzenosul- amino-caprolactame m aminokaprolaktam m aMMHOKanpojiaKTaivr m 524 p-amino-diméthylaniline / p-amino-N,N-dwumetyloanilina / n-aMMHOAMMeTMJiaHMJIMH 771 525 groupe m grupa / aminowa aMMHorpynna f, aMMflorpynna / 526 a-aMMHOM30KanpOHOBaH 527 a c i d e m.

Ee 2ΚΗΒΟΤΗΟβ BOJIOKHO 71 657 colle / a n i m a l e klej m zwierzçcy XMBOTHbiÄ KJieìi m 658 animalisation animalizowanie n aHHMajiH3ai;piH / 659 huile / animale olej m z w i e r z ç c y 3KMBOTHoe M a c j i o n 660 glycogène m, amidon m de foie skrobia / wajxobiana, glikogen m aKMBOTHbiÄ K p a x M a j i rjiMKoreH m anion m anion m, jon m ujemny amioH m, oTpjmaTejibHbiii MOH 771 éther m absolu (diéthylique) anhydrite / plâtre m anhydre .

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