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Seit Jahren wird in politischer Öffentlichkeit und Wissenschaft heftig darüber gestritten, welches Sprechen über den Islam als legitimer Teil demokratischer Debatten zu betrachten ist und welches nicht. Diese Konflikte nimmt Floris Biskamp als Ausgangspunkt für eine theoretische Diskussion von Aushandlungen kultureller Differenz in der demokratischen Öffentlichkeit.

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Ammunition controlled supply rate — In Army usage, the amount of ammunition estimated to be available to sustain operations of a designated force for a specified time if expenditures are controlled at that rate. It is expressed in terms of rounds per weapon per day for ammunition items fired by weapons, and in terms of units of measure per organization per day for bulk allotment ammunition items. Tactical commanders use this rate to control expenditures of ammunition during tactical operations at planned intervals.

JP 3-35) Automated Repatriation Reporting System — The Defense Manpower Data Center uses this system to track the status of noncombatant evacuees after they have arrived in an initial safe haven in the US. (JP 3-68) automatic approach and landing — A control mode in which the aircraft’s speed and flight path are automatically controlled for approach, flare-out, and landing. See also ground-controlled approach procedure. automatic data handling — (*) A generalization of automatic data processing to include the aspect of data transfer.

Aviation ship — An aircraft carrier. See also air-capable ship; amphibious aviation assault ship. (JP 3-04) axis of advance — A line of advance assigned for purposes of control; often a road or a group of roads, or a designated series of locations, extending in the direction of the enemy. azimuth — Quantities may be expressed in positive quantities increasing in a clockwise direction, or in X, Y coordinates where south and west are negative. They may be referenced to true north or magnetic north depending on the particular weapon system used.

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