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By C.E. Allen, D.L. Beke, H. Bracht, C.M. Bruff, M.B. Dutt, G. Erdelyi, P. Gas, F.M. d'Heurle, G.E. Murch, E.G. Seebauer, B.L. Sharma, N.A. Stolwijk

Subvolume A of 2 subvolumes on Diffusion in Semi-conductors and Non-Metallic Solids contains a accomplished and significant compilation of knowledge for the subsequent fabrics and homes: diffusion in silicon, germanium and their alloys, diffusion in compound semiconductors, diffusion in silicides, chemical diffusion in bulk inhomogeneous semiconductors, grain-boundary and dislocation diffusion in semiconductors and silicides and floor diffusion on semiconductors. even if lots of the silicides are usually not semiconducting, this bankruptcy is incorporated the following simply because a couple of them became built-in within the Si know-how and since they weren't coated within the earlier quantity III/26 on diffusion in metal ingredients. Subvolume A incorporates a CD-ROM.

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24. 26) or respectively. These equations can be used for the determination of D in experiments where the total amount of material taken up or lost is measured. e. when 2(Dt)1/2 is much smaller than the length of the sample. Otherwise, corrections according to reflections from the ends are necessary [75C1]. g. as sums of different trigonometric, exponential or Bessel functions [59C1, 75C1, 90M1]. 2 Chemical diffusion If we have a contact between two initially homogeneous but different materials, the diffusional mixing can be described by Eq.

In the case of self-diffusion f (≤1) is usually a numerical factor depending on the crystal structure and diffusion mechanism. For impurity or heterodiffusion (the tracer is different from the atoms of the matrix) this factor can depend on the temperature as well [70L1]. In dilute alloys the concentration dependence of D for both constituents can be represented in terms of [ ( ) ] i∗ i∗ DAB X B = DAB 1 + B1 X B + B2 X B +... , i = A, B, ... 18) and the Bi factors are the solvent or solute enhancement factors [93L1].

New York: Academic Press, 1985, p. 419. , Koiwa, M. : Philos. Mag. A 52 (1985) 743. : Diffusion in Metals Studied by Mössbauer Spectroscopy and Quasielastic Neutron Scattering: Ferstkörperprobleme XXV (Advance in Solid State Physics), Grosse P.

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