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By Laurence Kelly

During this first biography of Alexander Griboyedov in English, Laurence Kelly paints a shiny photograph of a guy of outstanding literary expertise and diplomatic presents that have been however overshadowed via ill-fortune. inquisitive about the 1825 Decembrist plot to overthrow the Tsarist nation and the project to additional Russia's expansionist time table within the Caucasus, the recognized author used to be finally murdered via zealous mobs in Tehran. This e-book makes a useful contribution to the diplomatic historical past of Russia, the Caucasus and Iran whilst illuminating the existence and works of a author who was once between ninteenth-century Russia's Most worthy and well-liked writers.

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Written as a curtain-raiser for a benefit performance for the young dancer and actress Nimfodora Semyonova, it had starred her elder sister, Yekaterina Semyonova, St Petersburg’s leading actress, and had been repeated successfully both in Moscow and the capital. The play tells the story of a newly married wife who pretends to have an intrigue in order to influence a lawsuit in her husband’s favour. Her husband, who has been planning a real affair, is first jealous, then won over by his wife’s ingenuity.

Another important influence during his university years was the German Johann Gottlieb John, who in 1810 replaced Petrosilius as his tutor. Eleven years older than his pupil, he would become a close friend. His particular speciality was the classics, but he was also passionately interested in the theatre, both at the university and thereafter – he was later to run the German theatre in St Petersburg. It was a passion Alexander shared. His apprenticeship as a playwright began in Moscow, where there was a thriving theatrical tradition dating back to the days of Peter the Great.

His favourite moral admonition was, ‘As I see it, my dear fellow … ’13 The character of Famusov, the fussy, self-serving bureaucrat of Woe from Wit was perhaps already there in outline. The long holidays at Khmelita, giving Alexander his first taste of life in the grand manner, must have also underlined his sense of being a poor relation. For his mother, disillusioned by her marriage, the worldly establishment of her two children would become an overriding passion. Extremely cultivated herself, she devoted herself to their education.

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