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It isn't really our goal to provide a treatise on Dirichlet sequence. This a part of harmonic research is so huge, so wealthy in guides and in 'theorems' that it sounds as if to us unattainable and, to our brain, void of curiosity to gather whatever yet a constrained (but quite whole) department of the speculation. we haven't attempted to offer an account of the vitally important result of G. P6lya which hyperlink his inspiration of extreme density to the analytic continuation of the sequence, nor the researches to which the names of A. Ostrowski and V. Bernstein are in detail connected. the superb booklet of the latter, which was once released within the assortment Borel greater than thirty years in the past, supplies an account of them with all of the readability it is easy to want for. however, a few scattered effects proved by means of those authors have stumbled on their position one of the suitable effects, partially through their statements, partially as a operating software. we now have followed a extra own perspective, in explaining the tools and the foundations (as the name of the ebook shows) that originate in our learn paintings and supply a suite of effects which we advance right here; now we have additionally integrated others, as a result of present-day authors, which permit us to shape a coherent whole.

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Now go(z) and gh(Z) have the same singularities, except possibly the point Zo= -h, which may be a singularity for go(z) without being one for gh(Z). We denote by S+(h) and S-(h) the domains Iz+hl > D(h) and Iz+hl < D(h), respectively, and by C(h) their common boundary. Since gh(Z) has all its singularities in S-(h)=S-(h) u C(h), and since there is at least one singularity of gh(Z) on C(h), we see that D(h) is positive for sufficiently small h, that the intersection J(h) = S-(h) (\ S-(O) is not empty, and that all the singularities of go(z) are on l(h).

Let us now suppose thatf(s) = (A, A), uniform in PU1 ' is such that there exists a non-negative constant m with the property that to every e> 0 there corresponds a K(e, m) (=K(e, m, 0'1» such that If(s)1 0 there corresponds a K(e) = K(e, 0'1) such that in LI(a1o e) we have If(s) I ~ K(e)A(ltj).

A simple estimate of dk~~/2) yields the required result. In Theorem ILLS the starred curve r* is the exterior contour of the image of the circle Izl = 1 under z<1>(z)=z(l +z2)/2. 4. 1 is not valid if no condition is imposed on the nature of A" (for a given k). 3, but la,,1 =k is not bounded independently of k. 3. 2. A general inequality for the coefficients corresponding to finite upper density of the exponents In what follows we assume that the upper density D· of the sequence A is finite. 5 we know that aa=ac=lim sup (log lanl/An).

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