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By Robert Easton, Lloyd Kahn, Pacific Domes (Organization)

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In CUlling allow for 1/4" gap between dome and doo, ply""ood, Ahar trimming, place the triangles bock intO lha door""ay and measure the angle for the piece that connects triangles along Iheir common edge. A brace connects the twO tips of the door. Mark for this the same way as the brace inside dome, Nail the t""o triangles together along common OOge. puttne doo, in the doo'way, nail cross b,ace on, put on hinges, and add a spring to keep gravIty from crushing the doo, against Ihe side of the dome ""hen It's open.

You might have to have helpers hold them to keep them from falling over. When the center beam is placed, you can measure for the center post, cut, and install it. As you nail on the beams, use two levels on the posts to make sure they're straight up and down, Seams should be installed with any warp humped upwards so that the weight of the flOOl" will tend to straighten them. l ,, •• , I N Diacollal brxes While a man checks each post for verticality, hold a 2 x 4 as shown in fig. 3, and mar1l; the angle at which it must be cut.

I/lb, depending upon quality and fire-retardant additives, but when the two oily substances are mixed, a catalyst causes the foam to rise up to thirty times its liqu id volume. i/bd. ft. (a board·foot is l' x l' x 1" thick) which isa very economical price in the proper application. who is doing the work. TECHNIQUES There are three basic techniques for the application of polyurethane foam: pouring, frothing, and spraying. In these methods described, reference is made only to the use of foam. I feel that, to achieve a truly lasting and permanent structure, it is necessary, at least for the present, to skin the foam with some sort of coating.

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