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More details about this example. tag example/html from the examples directory. Finally you can use this tag file with your own piece of code, such as done in the following example: /*! A class that is inherited from the external class Test. */ class Tag : public Test { public: /*! an overloaded member. */ void example(); }; Doxygen will now include links to the external package in your own documentation. Because the tag file does not specify where the documentation is located, you will have to specify that by running the installdox script that doxygen generates (See section Installdox usage for more information).

Global and member variables can now be documented. • A project name can now given, which will be included in the documentation. 2 Major new features: • Blocks of code are now parsed. Function calls and variables are replaced by links to their documentation if possible. • Special example documentation block added. This can be used to provide cross references between the documentation and some example code. • Documentation blocks can now be placed inside the body of a class. • Documentation blocks with line range may now be created using special //!

File * docs for this file */ //@{ //! one description for all members of this group //! (because DISTRIBUTE_GROUP_DOC is YES in the config file) #define A 1 #define B 2 void glob_func(); //@} Click here for the corresponding HTML documentation that is generated by Doxygen. Here Group1 is displayed as a subsection of the "Public Members". e. public and protected). Go to the next section or return to the index. Subpaging Information can be grouped into pages using the \page and \mainpage commands.

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