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By Thomas W. Simons Jr. (auth.)

Examines the diversities between japanese ecu international locations within the postwar interval. the exterior and family components which formed their improvement, the booklet makes use of the disciplines of politics, economics, sociology and beliefs in its analysis.

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Bulgaria and the Czech lands had relatively few war deaths, but Poland lost 6 million, 22 percent of its prewar population- divided fairly evenly between citizens of Jewish and Polish nationality. 7 million died in Yugoslavia. Romania lost half a million in the two wars it fought in succession, against the Soviet Union and then against Germany. Relative to population, 40 Eastern Europe in the Postwar World Romania's losses matched those of the American Civil War; yet compared to Poland, Romania was spared.

The largest minority there was the Slovaks, a mostly Catholic peasant people who were just emerging into national consciousness under the leadership of small-town priests and lawyers; they had been part of Hungary for centuries, and found the swarms of anticlerical Czech officials who descended on Slovakia to modernize them no more and sometimes less to their liking than the Magyars they replaced. But Czechoslovakia also included a million Germans in the industrialized mountain rim of Bohemia. Most of the Great Romania that emerged from the settlement was formerly Habsburg Transylvania, but it was ruled by boyar liberals from the less developed regions of the smaller, prewar Romanian state.

19. On this whole process, see Esmonde M. Robertson, Mussolini as Empire-Builder. EuropeandAfrica, 1932-1936(NewYork: St. Martin's, 1972). 20. On Soviet-German relations and diplomacy under the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, see Anthony Read and David Fisher, The Deadly Embrace. Hitler, Stalin and the NaziSoviet Pact 1939-1941 (New York: Norton, 1988). On the horrible dilemmas that Independence and Destruction, 1918-1941 37 Munich and then Soviet-German rapprochement produced for the Soviet Union's Western neighbors, see Anna M.

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