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By Michael Pusey

In the course of the global because the Seventies, nation and public area reform has been pushed through a conservative time table emphasising notions of 'streamlining' and 'rationalisation'; Australia has been no exception. Michael Pusey undertakes a close research of most sensible bureaucrats in Canberra who've been answerable for this recasting of nationwide coverage. He concludes that economist rationalist view dominate all of the key ministries, and feature altered the normal stability among the financial system, the nation and society. The e-book additionally discusses the social value of monetary rationalisation and public zone reform from a theoretical standpoint, contributing to modern knowing of modernisation, public morality and citizenship within the new worldwide order.

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From the top of Canberra's Black Mountain tower one can look to the east over the Brindabella and the Tidbinbilla Ranges and south towards the Snowy Mountains. To the west one looks over an equally breathtaking landscape into the vast distances of an island continent. It is not without some relevance that the city below is an island of another kind. It is remote from the the rest of Australia because, in order to ensure that federal government would not become the pawn of the two largest states of Victoria and New South Wales, the Australian Constitution of 1901 decreed that the capital must be at least 100 miles (160 kilometres) from Sydney.

And they expect a weekend to consist of two whole days without work. They get four weeks vacation a year, and long-service leave after ten years of work, and overtime loadings for work done out of normal hours. The individual ought to want to work more, and harder. The insistent attribution of selfishness and freeloading is a kind of curse and sentence that falls back on the individual (and on trade unions) because it has no stable social object and so, in this respect, we are in the intellectually interesting position of trying to explain the structure of a vacuum from the inside.

The inherent problem lies instead at another level - with the criteria that define what count as costs and benefits; with the loss of social intelligence; and with the number and range of potentially constructive discourses that have been suppressed. At that level the fateful problems in the metalogic of rationalisation point to their own limits and correctives. In these last decades of the twentieth century it may be that an autarchic system that treats society as an idealised opponent is an even greater threat to the well-being of the species (and of its Australian genus) than nuclear warfare.

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